WHOOP Strap 3.0 - iOS Connectivity and Pairing

The WHOOP Strap 3.0 utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect to your mobile phone.    With this technology, all pairing must take place inside the WHOOP App on both Android and iOS.  Pairing the WHOOP Strap through the phone's settings may cause the WHOOP Strap to not appear in the app or lead to other errors. During this pairing process, please make sure your iOS device is not in low power mode.

iOS - Re-pairing a WHOOP Strap 3.0

Below are the steps to place your phone and app into the proper state to successfully pair or re-pair your 3.0 strap:

  1. Force close the WHOOP app.
  2. In the iOS device settings (outside of the WHOOP App), select "Bluetooth."  If your device is found under "My Devices," select the icon next to your WHOOP Strap ID and then select “Forget This Device." (In our experience, you may have to do this step twice. You can confirm this worked when you no longer see your WHOOP Strap in the "My Devices" section).
  3. Restart your iPhone.
  4. Once the phone is back on, remove the Strap from your wrist and place it in pairing mode.
    To activate pairing mode, wait until the green sensor LEDs on the underside of the Strap turn off, switching the Strap into off-wrist mode. This green sensor must remain off while activating pairing mode.
  5. Hold the sensor by the sides (where there are gold contacts) with your thumb and index finger. NOTE: Do not a) touch the sensor area on the underside of the Strap, or b) place the sensor down on a flat surface during this process. Doing so will reactivate your Strap to on-wrist mode, which deactivates pairing mode. 

  6. Then tap the top of the sensor firmly and repeatedly until one white LED strobes back and forth on the side of the Strap as seen in the image below. 



*Note: While you're tapping the Strap, the battery level indicator lights will activate. You may also see a combination of red/white flashing lights on the side of the Strap. 
Continue to tap until your Strap enters pairing mode. The Strap will remain in pairing mode until it successfully finishes pairing (3 minutes). After the Strap finished pairing, the light sequence will stop. If you're still unable to connect, you will need to re-initiate pairing mode. 

  1. Go directly into the WHOOP App, open the menu, and navigate to Strap Settings > Pair with a WHOOP Strap > Select your Strap ID > Connect.

An additional dialog box will appear labeled "Bluetooth Pairing Request" asking you to confirm pairing to this device. Select "Pair" and you should now be connected.


*NOTE: if you do not have the ability to unpair the Strap from the app (as seen in the video), please move onto the next step. 

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