The Performance Profile is a section of the app where you can go and look at your overall performance and data streaks from the last 30 days as well as your all-time data. You can see features like your highest day strain, max HR, median RHR, and many more. 


Where can I find the new feature?

On your overview page (the home screen), swipe right to your Performance Profile. Previously, WHOOP showed you a summary of the last 30 days on WHOOP. Now, you can click into “All Time” to see a full history of your stats from your entire time on WHOOP.



How do I interpret the new data I am seeing?

The more data you collect on WHOOP, the more valuable and fun this feature is!


See the total number of activities you’ve ever logged on WHOOP and the full breakdown between sport, along with your average strain for each sport category.



Your HRV (heart rate variability) and RHR (resting heart rate) are huge predictors of your recovery. Your highest and lowest numbers are listed in your Performance Profile, along with a median value.



Data streaks are a fun way to see personal records across your recovery, strain, and sleep. See how many days in a row you logged a strain of 10+, had a green recovery, and got more than 70% of your sleep need.


At the very top of your profile, you’ll also see a streak of how long you’ve logged data on WHOOP without missing any days in between.


For recovery, keep in mind that staying in the green every day isn’t realistic, especially if you’re training hard and have a busy life. So, don’t be disappointed if your data streak isn’t as high as you’d like!


How does it benefit me?

The new Performance Profile can make collecting data on WHOOP more fun and help you set goals by challenging you to improve personal records and streaks. The more data you collect on WHOOP, the more it calibrates to your baseline and understands the intricacies of your recovery, strain, and sleep. In turn, the more valuable your Performance Profile will be since it pulls from all of your historical data!


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