How to fix a WHOOP cycle

Sometimes WHOOP may misclassify your main sleep as a nap. In these cases, you may convert this nap to a sleep to correct the start of the WHOOP cycle. The WHOOP cycle begins with and is oriented around the main sleep. Once the nap becomes a sleep, a new Recovery will be generated.
Each daily cycle must have only one main sleep; this is how the Recovery is generated. As a result, any existing sleeps within the same period of time may be converted to naps. After converting a nap to a sleep, review any changes by navigating to the adjacent days. 
You can convert a nap to a sleep by navigating to the sleep, selecting the ‘Edit’ button, and then selecting ‘Convert to Sleep’. If the ‘Convert to Sleep’ action is not available its because the nap occurred more than two days in the past or its not available to convert. Some naps cannot be converted if it would create a daily cycle that is too short (two daily cycles cannot occur within a single day). 
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