The teams feature in the WHOOP app allows members to create and invite friends to a team and see leaderboards on strain, recovery, and sleep and compare data with other members. Teams can only be viewed in the app at this time.


How do I create a Team in the WHOOP app?

  • When you create a team, you become the owner of that team and have the authority to add or remove members, as well as update the team settings. Here’s how to get started: 
  1. Select “Create Team” in the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Choose a Team Name
  3. Customize your team page with options for a banner image and a team logo
  4. Pick the leaderboards you’d like to display (Strain, Recovery, and Sleep)
  5. Search for WHOOP members you’d like to invite by their name or username. If one of your friends isn’t on WHOOP, you can use the embedded referral link to invite them!

 How many people can be on a team? 

  • There is no limit on the number of members on a team.

 Can I add a leaderboard for sleep and take away the recovery leaderboard?

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to change the strain, recovery, and sleep leaderboards once they are set up on team creation. 

 Why are their two teams with the same name?

  • We allow multiple teams to have the same name.

  How can people join my team?

  • Members can join a team by entering an invitation code in Settings > Join team or by being invited to join.

 How do I invite someone to join my team?

  • In the team description page of the app, you can select add members. From here you can search their name or @username. If they are unsearchable, you can send them the Team Code at the bottom of the page and they can then enter it in their app by selecting settings in the menu, then “Join Team.”

  Can people search for me to invite me to a team? How can I change my privacy settings so no one can search me?

  • People should be able to search your name or @username if your privacy settings are set to allow people to search for you. You can check your privacy settings by tapping the hamburger menu, scrolling down to Settings, then tapping privacy. If you toggle off the team invitations, you will not be searchable. You will however still be able to join teams by entering a team code. 

  If I leave a team, can I rejoin?

  • You can leave a team whenever you please. You will need to enter a team invite code to get back into the team or have a new invite sent.

  What happens if I no longer want to be the owner of a team?

  • If you would like to transfer ownership (and you are the owner of the team), you can scroll to the description page of your team and click on the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app. This will bring you to a Manage Team page where you can edit different features as well as transfer ownership and remove members. If you wish to leave a team you are the owner of, you will have to transfer ownership prior to leaving.  

 How can I search for a team that already exists?

  • You cannot search team names. You either have to be invited or you have to have an invite code. You can search all public teams on WHOOP by going to the Menu > Join Team > Browse Teams. 

 Who Can Invite New Members to a Team?

  • Anyone on the team or who has the code can invite new members to a team.




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