How To Update your Strap's Firmware

When there is a firmware update available, you will be prompted with a pop-up dialog box in the WHOOP App that will prompt you to update.  If you do not wish to update at the current time, you can close the window and we will prompt you again in 24 hours.  You can, at any time after receiving this prompt, follow these instructions based on your mobile phone's platform to update your firmware:


  1. Navigate to the Menu > Strap Settings > Advanced Settings > Update Firmware.


  1. Navigate to the Menu > Settings.  At the bottom of the list will be a button to Update Firmware.

A firmware update may take up to 10 minutes to complete.  During this time, please ensure that the Strap is always close (within 10 feet) of your mobile phone.  We recommend ensuring the WHOOP Strap has at least 20% battery life before starting a firmware update.

Note: If a firmware update fails, the Strap could be unable to connect to the WHOOP App for up to 2 minutes while it reboots and reverts to the previous version.  If this occurs, the WHOOP Strap will automatically reconnect to the app within 2 minutes. 


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