WHOOP offers two methods of membership extension, both covered in this article.

Note: If you are looking to extend your membership and upgrade to WHOOP 4.0, the most efficient way to do so is to follow the steps for a digital membership extension. Before following those steps, make sure you know your upgrade options



Digital Membership Extensions

  1. To purchase a digital extension, log into app.whoop.com
  2. Under the Membership tab, select Extend your membership. Once selected, you can choose to extend your membership for 6, 12, or 18 months.
  3. After completing your extension, a receipt will be emailed to you upon purchase completion. If you use a new credit card to complete your membership extension purchase, that credit card does not update the active card on file.

Once the purchase is completed, the extension will be applied to your account automatically on the backend. There is no further action needed on your end.


Note on digital extensions: If you have applied a digital or physical extension to your account already, you are still able to purchase and apply additional digital extensions to your account at any time. The additional digital extension will automatically begin after your first one ends.

If your membership is in a canceled state, you will need to reactivate your account before purchasing/applying a membership extension to your account. 


Physical Membership Extension Cards

Physical Extension Cards are a great way to gift a membership extension to someone you know using WHOOP! You can also purchase physical extension cards to renew your membership commitment at any time.

We offer 6, 12, and 18-month physical extension cards in the majority of our current shipping regions, excluding the United Arab Emirates.

Currently, extension cards are available in USD, CAD, Pound Sterling, Euros, and Australian Dollars. 

Membership extension cards can only be used if you already have an active account and cannot be used as activation gift cards.

The physical card will be mailed to you. Upon receipt, you can locate the promo code on the back of the card and apply this to your membership on this page.

Under the billing line, there will be a row labeled "Add Promo." You can enter the number on the back of the extension card here. 


Once applied, the card counts towards your next billing cycle. If you are currently paying month-to-month, it applies to the following payment. If you are in the middle of a prepaid period, your extension card will be applied once that prepaid period ends.




  • US: 6 months ($180), 12 months ($288), and 18 months ($324)
  • UAE: 6 months (AED 720), 12 months (AED 1140), and 18 months (AED 1260)
  • Europe: 6 months (€150), 12 months (€252), and 18 months (€288)
  • UK: 6 months (£150), 12 months (£252), and 18 months (£288)
  • Australia: 6 months ($264), 12 months ($384), and 18 months ($432)

To purchase a membership extension card, check out one of the WHOOP Shops: US, UAE, EU, and Australia.


Last updated October 1, 2021

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