This article provides a walkthrough on how to use WHOOP's Mobile App, including what information you can see on each pillar of the mobile app and additional features and how to access them. 

To learn how to navigate WHOOP's Web App (and the differences between Mobile/Web), visit this article: Navigating the WHOOP Web App.


Mobile App Overview and Breakdown 

You can navigate the major pillars in the WHOOP app directly from the Overview screen.

  • Profile/Athlete Bio: By tapping on your profile picture (Above the Overview tab), you'll be redirected to your Athlete Bio, where you can view your Total Recoveries, Last 30 Days and All Time summaries. 
  • Strain Tab: View your current Day's Strain.
  • Recovery Tab: View your current Recovery level, including your Heart Rate Variability, Resting Heart Rate, and Respiratory Rate (from the previous night's Sleep). 
  • Sleep Tab: View your previous night's Sleep Performance, including Hours of Sleep vs. Sleep Needed. 
  • Within each tab, swiping downwards on the app will bring you to a 7-day trend view for each Pillar: Strain, Recovery, Sleep. 


From the Menu, (bottom of the mobile app screen), you'll see five icons:  


  • Home/Overview Page - shows your current day's Recovery level, HRV, Current Day Strain, and Calories Burned in a circular WHOOP graph. Additionally, a link to your previous night's Sleep and any logged activities are nested under the Start Activity icon. 


  • Strain/Coaching Tab: (Battery icon) - Strain Coach gives you a daily Strain recommendation based on your previous night's recovery. Sleep Coach gives you suggested Bedtime, Recommended Time in Bed, and Suggested Wake Time.
  • Links to your Weekly/Monthly Performance Assessments


  • WHOOP Live: (Camera Icon) - WHOOP Live is a feature that overlays your real-time WHOOP data (HR, Day Strain, Recovery, or Sleep) onto videos or images. Once recorded, you can save the videos or images for future analysis, share them with friends or post them on social media platforms.
  • Community: (People Icon) - where you can get involved/interact with the WHOOP Community, join WHOOP Ask Me Anythings (AMAs), as well as join/create WHOOP Teams


  • Account & Settings (Three Horizontal Lines Icon) - Here, you can access/edit your Account (update your Profile information and Change your Password), Check your Strap Settings via your Device Status (see your Heart Rate Broadcast), access WHOOP Journal, Integrations, Privacy, and also contact WHOOP Support/access our Support Site via the Membership Services tab. 



Additional Features/Access: 

  • Access your daily Overview (via the Today Icon at the top of your screen) to study your daily and weekly scores (displayed in calendar format). 
  • Via Start Activity Tab on the Overview page: start recording an Activity, or add a past Activity after you completed it. 
  • From Account Settings > Device Status, you can visit your Strap Settings to view your: Connection status, Strap ID, Strap Firmware, and Bluetooth Firmware information, Heart Rate Broadcast (can toggle on/off), and view your current Heart Rate and Strap Battery Status


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