WHOOP Strap Firmware Release Notes

At WHOOP, we strive to continuously improve our product.  We deliver these improvements as firmware updates at a regular cadence which, in addition to various minor bug fixes and improvements at each release, contain items in the section below.  The firmware updates are over Bluetooth initiated from the WHOOP App on your mobile phone and sent to your Strap.  There are two programs on the Strap that may receive firmware updates: the Bluetooth Firmware and the Strap Firmware.  To update to the latest firmware please follow the instructions here: https://support.whoop.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042528574-How-to-update-your-Strap-s-firmware.

Please note that we do a phased rollout of firmware updates which allows us to monitor the performance of new firmware on a smaller population of WHOOP Straps.  This allows us to make any necessary changes before all users receive an update.  If you see new release notes, but do not see a prompt to update your firmware, please be patient.  It may take 1-2 weeks before all users will receive the update.  


Release Notes 

Strap Firmware

  • Improved connection error reporting

  • Improved system utilization diagnostics

Bluetooth Firmware

  • Improved ability to connect with multiple devices

  • Improved stability while connection is weak

  • Improved stability on iOS device

Bluetooth Firmware 

  • Improved stability during sustained data transfer and on strap reconnect

Strap Firmware

  • Improved faster than intended decrease in battery life which occurred rarely when the strap was off wrist

Bluetooth Firmware

  • Improved stability across platforms and Bluetooth LE enabled Heart Rate receivers

Strap Firmware

  • Improved battery level indication on some straps that could remain at 88%

  • Enhanced accuracy of reported battery level

  • Reduced reboot time after firmware update

  • Improved stability

Strap Firmware

  • Improved battery level indicator resolving an issue that could cause the indicator in the WHOOP App to remain at 99% even when the Strap is fully charged

  • Improved reliability of LEDs on the battery pack when attaching to the WHOOP Strap

Bluetooth Firmware 

  • Improved cross-compatibility with Bluetooth Low Energy Heart Rate Sensor enabled devices (Bike computers, etc.)


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