Gifting a WHOOP Strap & Membership

Want to give a WHOOP Strap as a gift? Great!

Selecting the "Buy as a Gift" option at checkout is the best way to get started.


Purchasing a Strap as a Gift

You can purchase a WHOOP Strap & Membership as a gift by heading to and selecting "Buy as a Gift."

Note: It's important to note that gifted memberships are paid in FULL upfront, meaning that the recipient of the gift won't have to pay for a membership until purchased time expires.



Getting Started with a Gifted Strap

  1. Download and open the WHOOP app
  2. Select "Create Account," then "Individual Athlete"
  3. Enter your credit card information (this is required; however, you will not be charged until the gifted duration expires)
  4. Pair the Strap with your device and proceed through the tutorial screens.
  5. Complete your profile information
  6. Complete the final tutorial and then enter the app. At this point, you're up and running!



If I purchase a gift for someone, does my credit card information automatically get added to their account?

  • No, during the initial set-up, the recipient of the gift will be asked to add payment information. After the gifted membership expires, this info will be used for any future payments. 

When does the prepaid time start?

  • The gifted membership begins once the WHOOP Strap is received and activated by the individual receiving the gift.


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