Track Behaviors with WHOOP Teams

Track Behaviors with WHOOP Teams

With the recent launch of the new WHOOP Journal, members have the opportunity to track specific behaviors across multiple categories, including nutrition, recovery, lifestyle, and more. At the end of each month, they’ll receive a summary of their performance insights via the Monthly Performance Assessment to see how these behaviors correlate to recovery, strain, and sleep data.

In efforts to help our members like you utilize the Journal and stay motivated with the greater WHOOP community, we’ve created 5 teams you can join to track the following behaviors:

  • CBD Users: A Team for WHOOP Members who are tracking the use of CBD in any form. Use code: COMM-B75AD2
  • Parents of an Infant: A Team for parents of young ones. Use code: COMM-939989
  • Plant-based Dieters: A Team for vegetarians, vegans and anything plant-based in between! Use code: COMM-B38BDD
  • Recovery Fanatics: A Team for those who regularly use the recovery modalities listed in the WHOOP Journal. Use code: COMM-A6A87E
  • Intermittent Fasters: A Team for the 16:8's, 5:2's, or anyone testing intermittent fasting. Use code: COMM-77337E

How to Join a Team on WHOOP:

  1. Tap the top-left menu in your app 
  2. Visit Settings > Join Team
  3. Enter the Invitation Code




To see a team you’ve recently joined, tap the top-left menu in your app and scroll to your team.

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