WHOOP Teams by Activity

Looking to find your fellow marathoners, cyclists, or crossfitters in the WHOOP community? WHOOP Teams are a great way to compare your performance to the WHOOP population practicing a similar activity or chasing a similar goal. Join a team with the codes below depending on your activity or event of choice:

  • WHOOP Yogis: A team for members on WHOOP who practice yoga. Use code: COMM-WYOGIS
  • Marathoners: A team for members who Marathon. Use code: COMM-TWOSIX
  • Road Runners: A team for members who love 5Ks, 10Ks and short to medium road races. Use code: COMM-RUNNER
  • Gravel Riders: A team for gravel bike riders on WHOOP. User code: COMM-GRAVEL
  • Road Cyclists: A team for road cyclists on WHOOP. Use code: COMM-CYCLER
  • Mountain Bikers: A team for mountain bikers on WHOOP. Use code: COMM-BIKERS
  • IronWHOOP: A team for members training for a full ironman. Use code: COMM-FULLIM
  • WHOOP Tri: A team for members who are triathletes, from a sprint to a half ironman. Use code: COMM-TRIATH
  • On the Green: A team for WHOOP golfers. Use code: COMM-GOLFER
  • WHOOP Skateboarders: A team for WHOOP members who skateboard. Use code: COMM-SKATER
  • WHOOP Snow Athletes: A team for WHOOP members who ski and snowboard. Use code: COMM-INSNOW
  • Climbers: A team for rock climbs on WHOOP. Use code: COMM-CLIMBS
  • WHOOP on the Waves: A team for WHOOP surfers. Use code: COMM-SURFER
  • WHOOP CrossFitters: A team for crossfitters on WHOOP. Use code: COMM-XFITER
  • Fitness Professionals: A team for people who practice fitness as a profession (Coaches, Instructors, Trainers). Use code: COMM-FITPRO

 As a reminder...

How to Join a Team on WHOOP:

  1. Tap the top-left menu in your app 
  2. Visit Settings > Join Team
  3. Enter the Invitation Code


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