WHOOP members can enable a one-way integration to upload WHOOP activities to Strava. 

Once you connect your WHOOP account to Strava, all of your future activities and their corresponding heart rate data (if given permission), WHOOP metrics, and GPS route (if the activity is tracked in Strain Coach) will be uploaded to Strava.

NOTE: Strava integration does not become active for new members until after they have completed the initial 4-day calibration period and the Strain Coach has been unlocked (on day 5). 

  • During this time, the member may experience a '404' error (unable to integrate) when trying to complete the integration before their 4-day calibration period is completed.
  • Once Strain Coach is unlocked, the member should be able to successfully integrate with Strava.


Connecting Your WHOOP Account to Strava

Step 1 - From within the WHOOP app, open the menu and navigate to Integrations > Strava:

mceclip0.png     mceclip1.png     mceclip2.png       


Step 2 - Connect and authorize the connection to Strava. If you don't have the Strava app installed, you will be prompted to log in through the Strava web app:

mceclip3.png     IMG_4585.PNG 


Step 3 - Once connected, choose which WHOOP data and metrics you would like to have displayed alongside your activity in the Strava app. Below are the three different styles to choose from:

IMG_4583.PNG IMG_4582.PNG IMG_4581.PNG


Step 4 - You are now connected! Going forward, activities you log in WHOOP will get pushed to Strava automatically and look something like the following:





How do I upload my heart rate data to Strava?

In order to upload your heart rate data, you must first enable "Health-Related Data" in the Strava app (click here or within the Strava app, navigate to "Profile > Settings > Data Permissions > Health-Related Data" as shown below). Once this is enabled, your heart rate data will upload automatically with your activities.


Screenshot_20200617-211857_Strava.jpg  Screenshot_20200617-211903_Strava.jpg  Screenshot_20200617-211919_Strava.jpg



How do I upload my GPS route to Strava?

In order to track and upload your GPS route, you will have to track your activities using Strain Coach and ensure "Track Route" is toggled ON. When you select "Start Activity," you will see your route reflected within Strain Coach using your phone's GPS signal.

Check out this article for a list of GPS-enabled activities and more information on tracking your route with WHOOP.


Do I need to pay for Strava?

No, you can use a free account. 


Can I edit an activity once it's been uploaded to Strava?

Yes, you can edit or delete activities as you normally would within the Strava app. To refresh heart rate or GPS data, you'll need to re-trigger the upload from within the WHOOP app. To do this, delete the activity from both Strava and WHOOP and then manually re-log the activity within the WHOOP app.


Can I pull Strava activities into WHOOP?

No, the integration is currently just one-way. Strava cannot push information to the WHOOP app.


[Android] I see a 404 error after authorizing the connection - How can I fix this?

If prompted, ensure that you open the link back from Strava with the WHOOP app.

If this prompt doesn't appear, long press on the WHOOP app icon from your home screen and navigate to "App Info -> Scroll down to "Set as default" -> Ensure "Go to supported URLs" is set to either "In this app" or "Always Ask" -> Try authorizing again."

This setting will ensure that you can open the link back from Strava with the WHOOP app.


[Android] I see a "something went wrong" error after authorizing the connection on Android - How can I fix this?

Some members have reported issues authorizing from the beta version of Strava's beta app. If you're signed up as a beta tester for Strava, you can either:

1) Authorize through Strava's web portal by opening the authorization link with your web browser, or

2) Leave the beta group (Google Play -> Strava -> Leave), reinstall the Strava app to get the previous version, then try connecting to Strava again. Once connected, you should be able to rejoin the beta tester group without issues.


How do I fix incorrect activity start times in Strava?

If the activity time shown in Strava is incorrect for an activity without GPS, you may need to update your default location in Strava (check out this Strava support article). 


Why are my max and average heart rate different between Strava and WHOOP?

While the underlying heart rate date used for both is the same, Strava does some additional processing that can result in slight differences. In particular, Strava will filter out GPS and associated HR data for times when you're not moving, which can result in different average and max heart rates than shown in WHOOP.


How does this work with another device (Garmin, Apple Watch, Wahoo, bike computer) I have linked up to Strava?

Duplicate activities should not be displayed if multiple devices are connected to Strava, though every device will work differently. We don't have any control over what other services post.

For example, if you have both WHOOP and a Garmin 735XT synced to Strava, Strava will pull Garmin's data over WHOOP and only one activity will be posted, meaning this will not cause duplication of activities and skew weekly mileage. 


How do I disable automatic uploads?

If you'd like to disable automatic uploads, open the menu in the WHOOP app and navigate to move "Integrations > Strava" and ensure the "Share Activity" toggle is OFF.

Additionally, you can disconnect from Strava entirely on this screen.









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