Battery Pack Troubleshooting Steps

Note: the following troubleshooting steps are best performed when instructed to do so by Membership Services. If you are currently running into an issue, please reach out to us!

  1. Charge the battery pack fully (should take 1 - 1.5 hours) until the red LED on the battery pack turns green. 
    • If using the provided USB charging cable, ensure the orientation is correct as outlined in the image below.
      • If no battery pack LEDs illuminate, try a different charger, cable, or power outlet.
      • If neither the red nor green LED appears on the battery pack, please send us a photo of the battery pack with the USB charging cable attached and plugged into either a USB port or wall adapter (making sure all three items are visible in the image). 

  2. Unplug the battery pack and slide it onto the Strap, ensuring the WHOOP logo on the Strap aligns with the WHOOP logo on the battery pack. Please also ensure that you hear the battery pack click into place. 

  3. Wait 5 minutes.

  4. Double-tap the battery pack and look for the white LEDs to illuminate on top of the battery pack.
    • If they illuminate, then your strap is charging normally!
    • If it doesn’t work the first time, wait 5 seconds between attempts and try 2-3 more times with slightly more force.

  5. If the white LEDs on the battery pack still don’t illuminate, remove the battery pack from the Strap, unclasp and remove the Strap from your wrist, and then close the clasp once it's off-wrist by snapping it back down. Ensure the battery pack is placed back on the Strap and plug the battery pack/Strap combination into the charger.

  6. Wait 5 minutes. 

  7. With the Strap still attached to the charger, please gently squeeze the sides of the battery pack,  and place your thumb on the bottom of the Strap sensor (the area inside the red oval on the underside of the Strap) for 15 seconds.

  8. Remove your thumb from the sensor. Do the Green LEDs appear on the bottom of the sensor?
    • If they do not illuminate, please take a quick video to share with Membership Services so we can see what’s going on.
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