There are two main sets of Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, on the WHOOP Strap. 


Green Sensor LEDs (bottom)

One set contains the green LEDs underneath the sensor which are responsible for measuring your heart rate. If you take off your Strap and turn it over to view the sensor, you'll see the green LEDs light up. 


White/Red LEDs (top left side)

The second main set of LEDs are found on the side of the WHOOP Strap and can be activated by firmly double-tapping the top of the Strap. These LEDs are responsible for communicating the charge level as well as the pairing status of the Strap.


To check your Strap's battery level, tap on your Strap (hard).  If done correctly, you should see the LEDs on the top left corner of the Strap sensor light up, indicating the battery level. 

NOTE: Make sure to tap hard on the Strap, preferably right at the top left corner of the sensor, right above the LEDs. 


To gauge your Strap's battery level, use the following LED status scale: 

  • 3 Solid White (LEDs) = 100%
  • 2 Solid White + 1 Blinking White = 80-99%
  • 2 Solid White = 60-79%
  • 1 Solid White + 1 Blinking White = 40-59%
  • 1 Solid White = 20-39%
  • 1 Blinking White = 10-19%
  • 1 Solid Red = 5-9%
  • 1 Blinking Red = 5%


Connection Status

An additional light pattern may occur when the WHOOP Strap has been disconnected from the mobile device for a prolonged period of time:

  • 1 Blinking Red and 3 Solid White = Need to reconnect to the WHOOP App


Finally, if the Strap is in pairing mode, it will display the following sequence: 

  • Strobe (flashing) White = Strap is in pairing mode

For more information on pairing mode and how it works, check out this article.

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