About the WHOOP 3.0 LEDs

In this article article, we'll cover how to interpret the LEDs on your WHOOP 3.0.


Sensor LEDs

The green LEDs on the bottom of the 3.0's sensor are responsible for measuring your heart rate.

If you take off your WHOOP and turn it over to view the sensor, you'll see the green LEDs are lit up. After several seconds of being uncovered, the green LEDs will turn off automatically. 


Battery level and pairing LEDs

The white and red LEDs found on the side of the 3.0 can be activated by firmly double-tapping the top of the WHOOP sensor.

These LEDs are responsible for communicating the charge level as well as the pairing status of the 3.0.

To check your 3.0's battery level, double-tap on the top of your WHOOP sensor. You should see the LEDs on the top left corner of the WHOOP sensor light up, indicating the battery level:

LED pattern

WHOOP battery level

3 solid white LEDs 

2 solid white + 1 blinking white 80-99%
2 solid white 60-79%
1 solid white + 1 blinking white 40-59%
1 solid white 20-39%
1 blinking white 10-19%
1 solid red 5-9%
1 blinking red 5%


Connection and pairing status

  • 1 blinking red and 3 solid white LED indicates that your WHOOP needs to reconnect to your mobile device
  • 1 strobing white LED indicates that your WHOOP is in pairing mode

For more information on pairing mode and how it works, check out this article.

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