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Ready to unlock the next level of WHOOP? 

Upgrade to 4.0 - the newest generation of WHOOP, and our most advanced yet. Smaller, smarter, and with more sophisticated algorithms and analytics, 4.0 is available now for members only - and free when you sign up for a 4.0 membership! 

...So how do you know what makes you eligible for an upgrade? Use the below table chart to help break things down.

How to use the chart:

1. Find your membership status (left column). 

2. Follow the process outlined for you under "Upgrade Flow" (right column). 

NOTE: Unsure of your Membership Status? No worries! Contact Membership Services directly, and we'll get you squared away. 

Membership Status Upgrade Flow 

New Members (First Time WHOOP User) 


As a brand new member, a free WHOOP 4.0 is included when you sign up for a membership! Get ready to #knowyourself, on a whole new level.


How to join: 





Existing Monthly Members (*paying month to month) / Members in Their Initial 6 Month Commitment Period 

You can upgrade to 4.0 and continue to pay month-to-month by adding a 6 month commitment.

You can also upgrade to 4.0 by purchasing a 12 or 18 month membership at the respective discounted rates. 

This monthly payment option, as well as the 12 or 18 month memberships, is accessible in-app as you're going through the upgrade flow.

Reason: You are required to commit at least 6 future months of WHOOP past your commitment to be eligible for new hardware (including 4.0). 

*If you are paying month to month and recently purchased a membership extension in order to upgrade, but would like to switch to the 6 month commitment option, you are eligible to do so.

  1. Please contact Membership Services to initiate this change.
  2. Expect 1-2 weeks to convert your extension to a commitment, and receive a refund on your extension cost.

Members with a 12 or 18 month prepaid membership (gifted or self-applied) who have more than 6 months left before their next Billing Date 

Congratulations! you qualify for a free 4.0 upgrade. 

Ways to upgrade:


  • Log into
  • Select Membership.
  • Locate the Status field.
  • Select "Reserve your free WHOOP 4.0."

2. visit

3. In-app: go to Menu (3 lines icon) > WHOOP > Reserve Your WHOOP 4.0 today. 

Members with a 6, 12, or 18 month prepaid (gifted or self-applied) prepaid membership who have less than 6 months left before their next Billing Date 

To receive a 4.0 upgrade, you can purchase a 6, 12, or 18 month membership extension.

Reason: You are required to commit at least 6 future months of WHOOP to be eligible for new hardware (including 4.0). This applies to both self-applied and gift memberships. 

How to check your next Billing Date:

  • Log into
  • Select Membership
  • Locate the Billing field to see when your next bill is due.


What to do with your 3.0 after you upgrade: 

  • Try out our UPCYCLE IT! Program, where gifting your old 3.0 to a friend gets you a free month of WHOOP! 
  • Not interested? No sweat. We encourage responsibly recycling your 3.0 (device and battery pack) by checking with local guidance on the proper electronics disposal process.

4.0 Exclusive - Go Pro with WHOOP Pro 

Upgrade to 4.0 and unlock WHOOP Pro, a new membership extension option with specialized membership perks on the accessories front. Now available exclusively with 4.0 + 12 and 18 month memberships

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