Participating in the WHOOP Upcycle It! Program


Upgrading to 4.0 and don't know what to do with your 3.0? Pass it on via our Upcycle It! program and get a free* month of WHOOP!

You will receive a free month if/when the Giftee purchases a membership or upgrades to the 4.0 upon completion of the free 2 months.

What Is The UPCYCLE IT! Program?

  • The UPCYCLE IT! program encourages upgraded 4.0 members to "gift" their 3.0 to a friend & new member, so it doesn't go to waste.
  • Once gifted, their friend then receives 2 free months (commitment-free) to give WHOOP a try, as well as a free 3.0 band!
  • If the giftee upgrades or purchases a membership after their 2 free months, the gifter (you) receives a free month! 
  • Gifter - Original owner who gifts their 3.0 to a friend/new member. 
  • Giftee - Friend/new member who receives the upcycled 3.0.

Not Interested? No sweat. We encourage recycling your 3.0 (device and battery pack) by checking with local guidance on the proper electronics disposal process.


Okay, I'm In. What Do I Do Next? 

  1. Freshen up your 3.0. We recommend using sanitizing wipes to disinfect the sensor, washing out your WHOOP band with soap/water, and hanging to dry before gifting it to a friend. 

  2. Become a Gifter and give your repurposed 3.0 to a friend (the Giftee).

    • As the gifter there is nothing else you have to do - Just gift your 3.0 and you’re done!

Once the Giftee receives the upcycled 3.0, all they have to do is:

  1. Download the WHOOP mobile app via app store.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Pair their device to their phone.
  4.  Enjoy 2 free months of WHOOP.

NOTE: When a Giftee pairs an upcycled device to their phone (in-app), they'll receive an "Upcycled Strap Detected" message. Once they set up their account and get the device connect, the 2 free months will automatically be applied to their account. 

Once the initial 2 free months of membership for the Giftee is over, the Giftee can continue to pay monthly on the 3.0 upcycled strap without a commitment, or can opt for annual billing.

They may also choose to extend their membership with a membership extension or upgrade to 4.0, but they will need to commit to 6 months or purchase an extension to receive a 4.0.

Receiving Notification Of Free Month(s) Credit 


  • Upon initial signup, Giftees will be alerted that they get a 2 month free WHOOP trial as part of onboarding.  
  • During onboarding, they will be required to enter a credit card/payment method, but will not be charged for 2 months, and are not in a commitment. 


  • After their free trial, if the Giftee purchases a membership in some form (via upgrade, recurring billing, or extension purchase), their Gifter will receive 1 free month of WHOOP.

  • Gifters will receive an email informing them that they have received a credit from their upcycled device if their giftee purchases a membership after their 2 free months.


Terms & Conditions

  • The program only works once per upgrader. This means that once the Giftee uses up their 2 free months, the upcycled 3.0 reverts back to its original incentive of 1 month free upon signup (as it normally would with a [non-upcycled] gifted 3.0)

  • ...UNLESS the Giftee also upgrades to 4.0. If this is the case, the upcycled 3.0 resets back to 2 months free once more for the next Giftee in line to use. 

  • As long as each subsequent Giftee upgrades to 4.0 after their 2 free months trial, the upcycled 3.0 will continue to allot 2 months free for any new member that uses it. 

  • Important NOTE: Giftees must purchase a 4.0 upgrade in order to set the upcycled 3.0 to a 2 months free trial. If the Giftee simply purchases a 3.0 membership or extension, they will earn their Gifter a 1 month credit, but the upcycled 3.0 reverts back to the original upcycled incentive of 1 month free trial  (not 2 free months, as with a giftee 4.0 upgrade).


Can a member ‘gift’ their 3.0 to a friend who lives in a country we don’t ship to?

  • Yes! The device/app will work anywhere, however, the giftee will be unable to order additional accessories or upgrade to a 4.0, unless they use Freight Forwarding to do so.

Can I upcycle my 3.0 to a friend who has already ordered a 4.0 but is still waiting to receive it?

  • Unfortunately, devices must be upcycled to a new WHOOP account, so accounts that already have a device associated with them (either already or about to be shipped a 4.0) will not be able to pair to upcycled devices.

Can I upcycle my 3.0 in a country WHOOP doesn't ship to yet?
You can! Even if we don't yet ship there you can gift your 3.0, just remember note they won't be able to upgrade to the 4.0 after the trial period.

If I want to upcycle my 3.0, can I also purchase an extension alongside the 3.0 to gift to a friend?

  • Yes! You can purchase a Digital Gift Membership HERE. Additional information on Gifting Digital Memberships can be found HERE

Can the 3.0 be upcycled multiple times?
Once a Giftee finishes their trial period, if they choose to become a paying member and passes down the upcycled 3.0 to a new Giftee, the aforementioned Giftee now becomes the new Gifter. Rinse and repeat!

I want to gift a free band with the upcycled 3.0. 
That's a friend! We have 50% off our 3.0 bands and free shipping just head to the accessories store. 

How will the system know that the Giftee is using an Upcycled device and receive the 2 free months?

  • If the Giftee goes through the in-app flow of creating a new account, and pairing the gifted 3.0, the system will recognize this and they'll receive a "Upcycled Strap Detected" message and their 2 free months will be added to their account. 

I’m not interested/ don’t have someone to gift my 3.0 to? 

  • No problem! We encourage recycling your 3.0 (device and battery pack) by checking with local guidance on the proper electronics disposal process.

How does the giftee receive a free 3.0 band?

  • Once the giftee activates their 3.0 band they will receive an in-app pop up and an email with a promo code they can use for one free 3.0 band and free shipping at  

How long does it take for the free 3.0 band to ship?

  • After placing your order, our normal delivery times is 2-3 days on items that are in-stock, but you can refer to our order status page with your zip code and your order number/email address for the most accurate shipping timeline.  

Do 3.0 bands work with a 4.0 device, and vice versa? 

  • No. 3.0 bands only work with a 3.0 device, and 4.0 bands only work with a 4.0 device. 

How do I swap out bands on my 3.0? 

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