Pairing Your New WHOOP 4.0

This article walks you through how to unpair your WHOOP 3.0 and pair your WHOOP 4.0. 

Unpairing Your 3.0 

To unpair your WHOOP 3.0, follow the steps below in-app:

  1. Open the WHOOP app.
  2. Tap the Menu icon.
  3. Tap Strap Settings.
  4. Tap Advanced Settings.
  5. Select Unpair Strap.

Pairing Your 4.0

  1. While the 4.0 is off-body, hold the sensor by the sides with your thumb and index finger.
    • Do not touch the underside of the sensor or place it against a flat surface during this process.

  2. Firmly and continuously double-tap the top of your WHOOP 4.0. Repeat this step continuously to activate pairing mode. This process may take 15-20 seconds.

  3. While pairing, you will see a series of flashing lights on the side of the device until the 4.0 finishes successfully pairing (up to 3 minutes). After your 4.0 finishes pairing, the light sequence will stop.

  4. If you're still unable to connect, you will need to re-initiate pairing mode.
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