4.0 Sensor Feature: Measuring Blood Oxygen Levels (SPO2)


WHOOP 4.0 now measures blood oxygen levels (SPO2), viewable through the Health Monitor. 


How WHOOP measures Blood Oxygen 

Using infrared, red LEDs and an advanced algorithm, WHOOP 4.0's pulse oximeter is capable of calculating a member's blood oxygen levels. Pulse oximetry is the measure of the amount of oxygen carried in the blood, to determine how well your heart is pumping that oxygen throughout the body. 



  • Measured during sleep, averaged across sleep time. (Same calculation model as Skin Temperature, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Resting Heart Rate (RHR), and Respiratory Rate (RR)). 


  • SPO2 has a standardized range: 90-100%. (WHOOP does not use a personalized range). 
  • Taken with two new LEDs (red and IR LED). 
green alert = 90% and above.

orange alert = 89% or below 


Example of Low SPO2 messaging: 

Your blood oxygen level of XX% was abnormally low last night. If you are currently in a high altitude location a decrease in blood oxygen is expected. If that is not the case, consider monitoring this metric over the next few days.

NOTE: There is no elevated/high SPO2 messaging because it would be virtually impossible, as blood oxygen can't rise above 100%. 

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