4.0 Battery Pack (Overview)


WHOOP 4.0 contains various new features and upgrades, including an innovated battery pack that allows members to charge on the go and double tap on the pack to view battery charging status. 


4.0 Battery Pack 

 Features Constraints


  • Wireless charging capability: The 4.0 battery pack uses a wireless signal. NOTE: To actually charge your 4.0, you still have to slide your Battery Pack over it.  
  • Charges fully in about 2-2.5 hours. 
  • Has a new LED indicator, to simplify the visualization of charging. 
  • Uses a USB-C instead of a micro USB cord (3.0). 

Hardware & Capabilities:  

  • IP68 dust proof (freshwater only) and water resistant up to 1 meter for 2 hours. NOTE: While the 4.0 battery pack can withstand a shower or getting caught in the rain, we do not recommend members do water-based activities (swimming, diving) while charging their WHOOP. 
  • 4-5 day battery life.
  • Flexible Charging Orientation: The Battery Pack fits over the 4.0 in either direction. NOTE: The Battery Pack must still slide over the 4.0 (from the top), but the pack itself can be oriented either way (i.e. the W engraving on the Battery Pack does not have to align with the WHOOP engraving on the 4.0 itself). 
  • Low Power Mode: While the 4.0 Battery Pack still holds only 1 charge, it does have the ability to detect motion (turn on) and auto-turn off to conserve battery life (if needed). Ex: If you wear the Battery Pack during a hike, it will detect motion and turn on/charge your 4.0 as you hike. If you remove the Battery Pack from your 4.0 and leave it on a table, the Pack itself goes dormant, and retains the charge. 

Battery Status

  • Member can double tap on the battery pack to view battery charge percentage status.
  • Charging indicators (by color): 

    Red = low  charge 

    Yellow = half charge Green = full charge




  • Temperature is a main contributor for charging time. For users that are in environments above room temperature, the charging time and efficiency for their battery pack will be affected. 
  • What this means: The max charge level depends on how hot the environment is. At 45C (Celsius) and above, you won't be able to charge your 4.0 at all. 
  • The 4.0 will be fully functional until 60C (Celsius), but the charging circuit won’t kick in.
  • Charging the 4.0 battery pack will take between 2-2.5 hours, with 2.5 hours being the average to fully charge (at room temperature). NOTE: Charging the 4.0 will be slightly longer than members may be used to (with the 3.0). 





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