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What is WHOOP Body? 

WHOOP Body is a new line of enhanced technical garments that provide members with additional placement options (other than on-wrist) for their WHOOP 4.0. 

WHOOP Body comes in two wearable lines

  • Training: consists of compression-focused apparel including sports bras, leggings, shirts, arm sleeves, and compression shorts.  NOTE: The leggings are the only piece of clothing where you can remove the sensor while the leggings are still on your body. 
  • Intimates: consists of undergarments such as bralettes and boxers.
  • WHOOP Body emphasizes “Any-Wear™ Technology”- which refers to the ability to wear WHOOP on the wrist, arm, torso, waist and leg. 
  • Sizing:
    Women: XS-XL
    Men: S-2XL 
    Arm sleeve: XS-2XL


How does it work? 

WHOOP Body was engineered with built-in WHOOP pods, enabling members to wear their 4.0 on multiple areas of their body. It's seamless and takes seconds to insert. 

  • First, remove all other hardware from your 4.0 so that only the sensor remains.
  • Next, locate the sensor pod on your WHOOP Body garment (can be located either on the inside or outside).
  • Lastly, insert your 4.0 sensor into the WHOOP pod (with the sensor facing downwards to the pod) and use the velcro to close it. 



What's the most accurate non-wrist location I can wear my 4.0?

Our ANY-WEAR® Technology has been thoroughly tested to ensure all of our wearable locations (wrist, arm, torso, waist, and leg) have been successfully validated with accurate results.


Are there any wearing best practices?

Members should ensure all LEDs are making contact with the skin.


What happens if I accidentally run my 4.0 through a washer/dryer?

Being both waterproof and dustproof and having the ability to withstand heat, a 4.0 can hypothetically withstand a washer/dryer experience.

That being said, if a 4.0 does not work after an accidental wash anddry, we will replace it under our current warranty standards (Hardware is under warranty for 1 year). However, out-of-warranty replacements are be subject to a fee.

See: WHOOP Warranty Policy.


Can the battery pack fit within a WHOOP Body garment?

Garments are only designed to be worn with the sensor inside the pod. They are not validated and should not be worn with the clasp, band, or battery pack attached.


What is the return/exchange policy for WHOOP Body apparel? 

See our Return Policy article for more information.  


Best practices for WHOOP Body data accuracy:

  • The sensor must be 4.0.
  • The sensor must be placed in the pod of a WHOOP garment.
  • The sensor ONLY must be inside the pod. No bands, batteries, hooks, or fast links.
  • The sensor lights must make direct contact with skin, and must not be covered by any part of the pod.
  • The body garment must be snug so the sensor is flush against the skin.

Troubleshooting Steps with the Member:

  • Check that the sensor is not coming partially out of the pod.
  • Check that the sensor lights are not being covered by the pod.
  • Check the orientation of the sensor.
  • Check for damage to the pod.
  • Ensure you have the 4.0 vs 3.0 sensor in the pod. 
  • Ensure the garment is tight enough.


Always insert and remove the sensor through the velcro opening:



DO NOT insert and remove the sensor through the optical window. 







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