Reserving a WHOOP 4.0

New WHOOP members can now reserve a WHOOP 4.0 and pay nothing until it ships, regardless of membership plan or WHOOP Pro status. In this article, we’ll cover how the process works and what to expect after submitting your order.


How it Works

New Member?

Visit After selecting any desired customization options, click the red Join Now button.

Note: If purchasing WHOOP as a gift, click the Buy as a Gift button. You will not be charged until your gift ships - see What to expect below.

Current Member?

Current Members can reserve a 4.0 in one of three ways:

Through the WHOOP web app

  • Visit Log in, select Membership, locate the Status field, and select "Reserve your free WHOOP 4.0."

Through the WHOOP app on your phone

  • Open the WHOOP app on your iOS or Android device and go to Menu > WHOOP Accessories > Reserve Your WHOOP 4.0 today.

Through our website

  • Visit Select Already a Member? GET YOUR WHOOP 4.0 and log into your WHOOP account. 

When reserving your 4.0 as a current member, you’ll be presented with upgrade options based on your membership status. Check out our support article going over upgrading for more details on these options.

Returning Member?

Past WHOOP members can sign in at with their original account's email address and password to see the option to pay $30 for a 6-month commitment to reactivate their membership and upgrade to 4.0. 

Note: After reactivating, you automatically will be given 2 months of credit. You are then committed to paying the remaining 5 months (a total of $150). 


What to Expect

After selecting any desired customization options, picking out your membership plan, and adding any accessories, you’ll be brought to checkout. 

Note: If you sign up for WHOOP Pro, which is available when purchasing a 12 or 18-month membership, your 20% discount will apply to this order, however, you will not be able to redeem your free item until you are billed for your order. 

If you’re joining WHOOP as a new member, you will be prompted to create an account. Next, enter your shipping details, choose your preferred shipping method, and enter your payment information. 

Note: If you’re purchasing WHOOP as a gift, you will not be asked to create an account at checkout. Instead, the giftee you are purchasing WHOOP for will be prompted to create an account when activating their 4.0. 

After entering this information, you will see a breakdown of your order and the total amount due at shipping. Click the “Reserve Your WHOOP 4.0” button to submit your order.

After submitting your order, an “authorization hold” charge will be reflected in your credit or debit card statement and may be present for up to 7 days. This is similar to what you would see if you were to reserve a hotel room or car rental. Once your order ships, you will see the charge reflected on your billing statement.


Viewing Your Reservation

After reserving your WHOOP 4.0, you can view the status of your reservation at any time by visiting our Order Status page, or by navigating to the Menu in the bottom right corner of the WHOOP app.


Common Questions

I added an accessory to my 4.0 order. When will it ship? 

Accessories added to your 4.0 reservation order will ship at the same time as your 4.0.

Can I just pay for my order now?

Given longer than average shipping timelines due to high demand for WHOOP 4.0, we decided to move to a reserve now, pay later system. We are not currently offering the option to pay now.

I paid upfront – if I cancel and rebuy will I get refunded?

If you reserved your WHOOP 4.0 and paid upfront, please know that we are fulfilling all orders first-come, first-served – which means if you cancel, you will lose your spot in line. While you paid upfront, your membership will not begin until you receive and activate your 4.0. If you're a current member, you can continue using your 3.0 without interruption until your order arrives.

My card was lost/stolen and I need to update the information I provided when making my reservation. What do I do?

You have two options: you can cancel your existing order and place a new one, or wait until we attempt to charge the existing card on file and the charge fails. Once the charge fails, WHOOP will send an email asking you to fix the card on file, at which point you can provide new payment information. 

If you have any additional questions, reach out to our Membership Services team.


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