Changing Bands with the new Fast Link™ Slider

With the WHOOP 4.0’s new Fast Link™ Slider, it’s never been easier to switch out your bands. You’ll never need to thread your band again to wear a new color combination or remove the sensor to place it in your WHOOP Body apparel.



Putting on Your WHOOP 4.0 for the First Time:

Your band comes pre-threaded with new Fast Link™ sliders. The first time you put on a new band, you’ll need to ensure it is adjusted to your preferred fit. Once it’s fit to you, you’ll never need to rethread or adjust it again:

  1. Open the clasp firmly with the WHOOP logo facing you.
  2. If setting up for the first time, remove the protective film.
  3. Slide your 4.0 onto either wrist (preferably your non-dominant) and adjust the band so that it sits on your wrist about 1 inch above your wrist bone.
  4. Loosen or tighten the fit by gently pulling on the end of the band.
  5. For best accuracy, make the band tight enough so that you can’t slide a finger underneath.

Check out our YouTube video to see the Fast Link Slider™ in action:


Want to Switch Things Up? Changing Bands with the Fast Link Slider

Your bands will stay threaded and adjusted to your individual fit, unlocking your ability to seamlessly change color combinations as often as you’d like! To change bands, simply:

  1. Open the clasp and slide your 4.0 off.
  2. Using your thumb, push firmly on the side of the Fast Link™ Slider to slide it out facing away from you.
  3. Unhook the band from the clasp.
  4. Slide in a different Fast Link™ Slider by lining it up with the channel in the 4.0 sensor - simply push it into place using your thumb and index finger to secure.

    fastlink_channel.jpg  fastlink_assembled.jpg

  5. Ensure the new band is hooked to the clasp. If you're wearing a band for the first time, you may need to adjust your fit.


Last updated November 1, 2021

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