Gifting Digital Memberships FAQ

  • I was gifted a membership extension but I do not have a membership yet
    • Contact Membership Services for a discount code to begin your membership for free. Once you have begun your membership you will be able to redeem your gift extension. 
    • Redeeming your gift extension will remove your 6 month commitment. You will not be required to pay an additional 6 months past the number of months gifted to you. 
  • I was gifted a membership, but my account is inactive
      • You must reactivate your account first (at Once active, you can redeem your extension.
      • In order to reactivate you will need to purchase a month upfront. Then, once your account is active again, you will be able to redeem your extension. Note: discount codes do not work on reactivations.
  • Can a gift extension be purchased that includes WHOOP Pro? 
    • Not at this time. WHOOP Pro members that are gifted an extension will work with Membership Services to choose one of the following before having their gifted extension applied to their account:
      • Pay for the additional months of WHOOP Pro ($12 / month + tax)
      • Schedule their WHOOP Pro benefits to cancel at their next billing date
  • Do gift extensions expire? 
    • No, they do not expire.
  • As the gifter, how can I receive confirmation that the giftee has redeemed my gifted extension?
    • At this time, the is no confirmation of redemption.
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