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Billing Renewal Cycle & Timeline

WHOOP is a subscription membership, which means you pay upfront to join - but your membership does not begin counting down right away, so you don't lose time on your membership before receiving your 4.0.

That also means that your renewal date or monthly billing date will likely differ from when you first purchased a WHOOP subscription. Read below to learn more about when you can expect to be billed for your renewal.

Renewal Periods

Monthly Memberships (12-month Commitment) - 
Your billing date is based on your activation date. If you're a monthly member, charges will continue at this cadence. Once the 12-month commitment period is complete, monthly payments can be stopped at any time. 

12 or 24-Month Memberships -

If you signed up for a 12 or 24-month membership, your billing renewal will occur annually based on your activation date (the day you activate your WHOOP) and you will receive a reminder email 30 days before your renewal date. Members will also have the option to change to a monthly billing cycle or to cancel.

Finding Your Exact Billing Date

In order to view the exact date of your next billing cycle, please visit and select Membership. There, you'll see your next billing date.


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