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Refer A Friend

Perks of Referring a Friend

Refer a friend and unlock free months of membership! For each friend that you refer, you'll receive a 1-month credit* towards your WHOOP membership. As a bonus, anyone you refer will also get their first month free when they join!

*The referral credit will be added as an account credit and applied on your next billing cycle. 

**Note: Founding members (who do not have a monthly subscription) will receive a $50 store credit for referring a new member to WHOOP in lieu of a 1-month credit. This promotional code will be emailed directly to you once the referral code has been used. 



1-month promotional credit is not redeemable for cash.

How to Access Your Referral Code

Once you have received and activated your device, you can find the Refer-a-Friend section within the menu in the WHOOP app (photo shown below). Selecting "Refer a Friend" toward the top of the screen will allow you to send and share your code via text, email, or social media platform.

If you are waiting for your order to be delivered, you can utilize the following page to share your referral code:


When Will I Receive My Credit?

  • When the referral order is placed, the referrer will get an email and a push notification confirming that a friend has used their code.
  • The Referral Reward will be credited when the new user's return period has passed or they have paid their second month of membership. 
  • The referrer will get a notification via email when the credit is applied.
    • For founding members, this second email will contain the referral code to be applied to the WHOOP shop.

NOTE: in order to receive your free month credit, you must have an active membership at the time the credit is awarded. If there is a scheduled cancellation at the time the new user's credit is awarded, you will not receive the credit. 

Please note: canceled and returned orders will revoke any referral credit earned from that transaction. 

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