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Strava Integration

WHOOP members can enable an integration to upload activities from WHOOP to Strava. Once your account is connected to Strava, all activities from WHOOP – including heart rate data, WHOOP metrics, and GPS route data if applicable – will be uploaded to Strava.

Note: The Strava integration does not become available for new members until Strain Coach has been unlocked after completing the initial 4-day calibration period. You may experience a '404' unable to integrate error when trying to enable the integration before your 4-day calibration period is over.

Connecting to Strava

Follow the steps below to enable the integration:

  1. Ensure you're using the latest version of the WHOOP app.
  2. Navigate to the menu, open Integrations, and select Strava.

  3. Select Connect Strava and authorize the connection. If you don't have the Strava app installed, you will be prompted to log in through the Strava web app.

  4. Once connected, Share Activity will be toggled "on" and you can choose how you would like your WHOOP data to be displayed in Strava. There are three different styles to choose from: Heart rate graph view, strain view, or training state view:


  5. You are now connected! Now, all activities you log in WHOOP will get pushed to Strava automatically.


What data is exported?

WHOOP will share the following data from all activities:

  • Activity Type
  • Elapsed Time
  • Calories
  • Heart rate
  • Day Strain
  • Recovery score
  • GPS data (only sent if "Track Route” in Strain Coach was enabled, or if GPS-enabled activity was imported into WHOOP via Apple Health)
    • Metrics calculated from GPS data such as distance and pace are calculated by Strava based on the GPS data uploaded


How do I upload my heart rate data to Strava?

In order to upload your heart rate data, you must first enable Health-Related Data in the Strava app. To do so, check out Strava's support article here, or within the Strava app: From your Profile, open Settings and select Data Permissions. Ensure Health-Related Data is set to "access allowed". Once this is enabled, your heart rate data will upload automatically with your activities.


How do I upload my GPS route to Strava?

To track and upload your GPS route from WHOOP to Strava, you will need to track your activities using Strain Coach and ensure Track Route is toggled "on". 

WHOOP relies on your phone’s GPS, which can be impacted by settings such as low power mode and battery saver optimizations. This can impact the quality of the GPS data that WHOOP gets from your phone. To ensure the highest likelihood of GPS data continuity, ensure GPS permissions for the WHOOP app are set to "Always On".

Check out this article for a list of GPS-enabled activities and more information on tracking your route with WHOOP. Note: For iOS members who have enabled the Apple Health integration, any activities posted to Apple Health with GPS (for example via an Apple Watch) will be posted to Strava with the same GPS data.

Do I need to pay for Strava?

No, you can use a free account. 

Can I edit an activity once it's been uploaded to Strava?

Yes, you can edit or delete activities as you normally would in the Strava app. To refresh heart rate data, you'll need to re-trigger the upload from the WHOOP app. To do so, delete the activity from both Strava and WHOOP and then manually enter the activity in the WHOOP app.

Can I pull Strava activities into WHOOP?

The Strava integration is currently one-way from WHOOP to Strava. Strava cannot push information to the WHOOP app. However, for iOS members who have enabled the Apple Health integration and have enabled Strava to share activities to Apple Health, WHOOP can pull Strava activities into WHOOP via Apple Health.

On Android, I see a 404 error after authorizing the connection. How can I fix this?

If prompted, ensure that you open the link back from Strava with the WHOOP app.

If this prompt doesn't appear, long press on the WHOOP app icon from your home screen and select App Info. Scroll down and select "Set as default". Next, ensure Go to supported URLs is set to either "In this app" or "Always Ask". Finally, try authorizing again.

This setting will ensure that you can open the link back from Strava with the WHOOP app.

On Android, I see a "something went wrong" error after authorizing the connection. How can I fix this?

Some members have reported issues authorizing from the beta version of Strava's app. If you're signed up as a beta tester for Strava, you can either:

- Authorize through Strava's web portal by opening the authorization link with your web browser, or
- Leave the beta group (Google Play > Strava > Leave), reinstall the Strava app to get the previous version, then try connecting to Strava again. Once connected, you should be able to rejoin the beta tester group without issues.

How do I fix incorrect activity start times in Strava?

If the activity time shown in Strava is incorrect for an activity without GPS, you may need to update your default location in Strava. Check out Strava's support article here for more information. 

Why are my max and average heart rate different between Strava and WHOOP on GPS activities?

While the underlying heart rate data used for both activities is the same WHOOP data, Strava does additional processing for GPS activities that can result in these slight differences. Specifically, Strava filters out GPS and associated HR data for times when you are not moving, which can result in different average and max heart rates in Strava versus what is shown in WHOOP.

How do I disable automatic activity uploads from WHOOP to Strava?

To disable automatic uploads, open the WHOOP app and navigate to the menu. Next, open the Integrations menu and select Strava. From there, set the Share Activity toggle to "off". Additionally, you can disconnect completely from Strava on this screen.

How does this integration work with another device (Garmin, Apple Watch, Wahoo, bike computer) that I have linked to Strava?

Duplicate activities should not be displayed if multiple devices are connected to Strava, although every device’s integration may work differently as we cannot control how other services post activities to Strava.

Note: For iOS members who have enabled the Apple Health integration and have enabled Strava to share activities to Apple Health, WHOOP will not export an activity to Strava if it was already originally imported from Strava.

On Android, I see a 404 error on Firefox when trying to integrate Strava with WHOOP.  How can I fix this?

Android users that use Firefox as their browser may run into an issue during the integration flow.  To fix this issue, follow the below steps:

- Go to Advanced Settings in the Firefox browser
- Allow "links to be open in apps"
- Force close the Firefox browser
- Restart the integration flow through the WHOOP app

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