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The WHOOP Developer Platform

What is the WHOOP Developer Platform?

The WHOOP Developer Platform empowers developers and companies to create robust apps and integrations with WHOOP. We believe empowering WHOOP members to share their insights and data with other apps can help them achieve their personal goals - whether that is sleeping better, reaching a new fitness goal, or living a healthier lifestyle.

Where can I learn more? 

To get started developing with the Developer Platform, visit our developer website for documentation and tutorials. 

Here’s what you’ll find in our documentation:

  • WHOOP 101: In order to develop with the WHOOP API, developers will need to have a basic understanding of how WHOOP works, including our core concepts of sleep, strain, recovery, and workouts
  • Getting Started: Everything a developer needs to know to make their first request.
  • API Reference: Our core API documentation that outlines our authentication and API in detail. 
  • Tutorials: How-to guides for common access patterns, like getting a user’s most recent recovery.
  • Branding guidelines: Material to help developers, product managers, and designers understand how all aspects of the WHOOP brand should be displayed in their app or website.

Have a question, request, or feedback?

Working with the Developer Platform or interested in getting started but have a question, request, or feedback? Submit them here.

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