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Sleep Coach with Wake Alarm

This article covers Sleep Coach (version 4.0) and how it works, how to access and use it, the latest Sleep Coach metrics definitions, and how to enable Sleep Coach notifications. 

What is Sleep Coach and how does it work?

WHOOP Sleep Coach provides nightly recommendations for when you should go to bed in order to help maximize your recovery the next morning. Sleep Coach also considers recent scientific learnings to determine your optimal sleep and wake times, based on your daily performance goals.

Accessing Sleep Coach

To access Sleep Coach, select the Coaching icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

WHOOP Coaching icon.png

From here, tap anywhere within the section labeled Sleep Coach.

Using Sleep Coach

Within Sleep Coach, you are able to select your performance goal for the next day, set a wake-up time, and view a breakdown of your Sleep Need.

Sleep Coach uses these elements to determine your ideal bedtime, or Suggested Time to Bed.


Sleep Coach metric definitions

  • Recommended Time in Bed - The recommended time you need to spend in bed to achieve your Sleep Performance Goal.
  • Sleep Latency - How long it typically takes you to fall asleep after getting into bed). Sleep Coach suggests what time you ought to get in bed based on your historical. Tapping this button displays a separate screen that gives a breakdown of the various factors that have contributed to your current Sleep Need.

Note: Achieving 100% Sleep Score does not automatically correspond to a green Recovery. Check out our support article on WHOOP Recovery to learn about the factors that impact Recovery.

  • Baseline - The amount of sleep you need as determined by your physiology (before adding additional Sleep Need from workouts or Sleep Debt).
  • Recent Strain - The additional Sleep Need caused by accumulating Strain. The more Strain you accumulate, the more sleep you need to help your body recover.
  • Sleep Debt - The difference between the amount of Sleep Need and the actual amount of sleep you got. Recent Sleep Debt will be added to tonight's Sleep Need.
  • Recent Naps - The reduction in tonight's Sleep Need based on recent time spent napping. Any time spent napping during the day is subtracted from tonight's Sleep Need.

You can click on your Recommended Time in Bed button to see the breakdown of the calculation:


  • Suggested Time to Bed - The bedtime that Sleep Coach recommends based on your Recommended Time in Bed and your chosen Sleep Performance and Wake-up Time.
  • Sleep Performance Goal - Your next-day performance goal. There are three levels: Peak, Perform, or Get By, which can be found in the drop-down button at the top of the screen.

Each level corresponds to a different percentage of Total Sleep Need that is required in order to achieve your next-day performance goal.


  • Peak - achieve 100% of Sleep Need
  • Perform - achieve 85% of Sleep Need
  • Get By - achieve 70% of Sleep Need

Changing your Sleep Performance Goal increases or decreases your Recommended Time in Bed to allow you to hit the percentage of Sleep Need that matches your next-day performance goal.

Wake Up Time - Your desired wake-up time the next morning. This time, combined with your Sleep Performance Goal and your Recommended Time in Bed, determines your Suggested Time to Bed. Adjusting your wake-up time allows Sleep Coach to make recommendations to fit your schedule. You can edit your wake up time by clicking Wake Time Set To as shown below:


Sleep Coach notifications

Each night, the WHOOP Sleep Coach can also send you a notification with your recommended Sleep Need and a suggested time to go to bed based on your selected next-day performance goal.

To enable this notification, make sure the following device settings are configured to allow notifications.

iOS: Open the Settings app, and select WHOOP from the list of apps at the bottom of the screen. Next, select Notifications, and ensure Allow Notifications is toggled on. 

Android: Open the Settings app, and select Apps & Notifications. Next, select See all apps and choose WHOOP from the list. Ensure the Notifications setting is set to Allow

WHOOP 4.0: Getting started with haptic alerts

Haptic alerts allow you to customize your wake time based on your desired goals! You can set your WHOOP to wake you with a haptic vibration based on one of three criteria:

  • Sleep Goal
  • In The Green
  • Exact Time

Worried about hitting your goal? No matter what, you can also set the latest alarm time, so even if you don't reach your set goal, your 4.0 will still wake you. 

For a deeper dive into this feature, check out our Haptic Alarm Overview.

Alarm banner

An alarm banner will replace the Health Monitor 6 hours after your wake time and will be replaced by the Health Monitor when you receive your Recovery in the morning.

Alarm warnings

  • Low battery warning: If your WHOOP 4.0 is below 20% battery, you will get a warning message that your WHOOP 4.0 might run out of battery before your alarm goes off, however, your alarm will still be set. Keep your WHOOP 4.0 battery above 10% to ensure your alarm goes off.
  • When your WHOOP battery is low and you have an alarm set, you will see the Alarm banner on the Overview and Sleep Coach pages, with a notification that your battery is low, and for your alarm to go off, you will need to charge your WHOOP. 
  • Low phone battery warning: If your phone battery is low, you will get a warning message that your phone might run out of battery before your alarm goes off. If your phone runs out of battery during the night, your alarm will go off at the Latest Wake Time that you set.



If you have a 4.0 and sets your Haptic Alarm setting to 'Wake Me in the Green', the option to change the 'Tomorrow I want to...' selection will no longer be available.






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