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Strain Coach

What is Strain Coach and how does it work?

Strain Coach is a functionality that provides activity level recommendations for you (at any point during the day) based on your Recovery. When you start an activity, WHOOP shows you in real-time whether you need to push harder, if you've reached your Strain goal, or if you're overdoing it. 

Accessing Strain Coach 

To access Strain Coach, select the Coaching icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.


From here, select Start Activity or tap anywhere within the section labeled Strain Coach. 

start activity.png

Using Strain Coach

Selecting an Activity

To browse and select an activity, open the dropdown at the top of the screen.

Enabling Route Tracking

Certain activities support GPS-enable route tracking. For activities that support route tracking, a toggle will appear in the upper right corner. To see a full list of activities that support route tracking, check out this article

*Note: You can always toggle off GPS tracking if you do not want your route to be tracked. 


Viewing and Adjusting Strain Goal

Swiping to the screen below will give you a recommended Strain based on your Recovery for the day. As shown in this example, given the baseline of this member, the optimal activity Strain based on a Recovery score of 70% would range between 8.3 - 16.3. Your optimal activity Strain will always present in the middle of this range (in this case, it's 12.3). 

In addition to having the Strain Coach automatically set, you can also adjust your ideal activity Strain by manually moving the slider in either direction around the circle. As you move the slider, Strain Coach will let you know if you are in an overreaching, optimal, or restorative training zone. 

mceclip2.png mceclip3.png mceclip4.png

WHOOP 4.0: Strain Coach Haptic Alerts

With WHOOP 4.0, a haptic vibration will alert you when you reach your goal using Strain Coach. 

NOTE: You will only be alerted if you achieve your recommended or selected goal during a Strain Coach session. You will not receive a haptic alert when reaching your optimal Day Strain or during an auto-detected activity.

Viewing Training State Graph

If you scroll down, you will see an optimal training state graph that displays your potential Day Strain (if you achieved your chosen activity Strain). As your Strain increases throughout the day, the preset optimal activity Strain may shift.


Starting an Activity

Once you have the ideal activity Strain set, start your activity. As you workout, you can watch your activity Strain increase, see your live heart rate, and monitor other metrics in real-time.

Once you have reached your desired activity Strain, you will receive a notification that you have met your goal and can either stop or keep going. Once you select "End & Save," you can view your activity statistics in-app along with the GPS route (if enabled).  

Note: There is a 24-hour duration limit on activities recorded via Strain Coach.

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