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WHOOP Health Monitor & Report

The WHOOP Health Monitor helps you understand your body on a whole new level by providing a big-picture look at your overall health. In this article, we'll cover how to access the feature and discuss its key metrics.


Both 3.0 and 4.0 users will have access to Health Monitor with visibility on the following metrics: Live Heart Rate (HR), Respiratory Rate (RR), Resting Heart Rate (RHR), and Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

Pulse oximetry measurement of SPO2 (blood oxygen) + Skin Temperature metrics are exclusive to WHOOP 4.0. 


WHOOP is NOT an FDA-approved medical device for diagnosing disease or illness. While the Health Monitor can help members keep track of their body's physiological data and maintain proactive insight into key health metrics, WHOOP and/or Health Monitor is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as such. We recommend always seeking the guidance of your doctor or qualified health care professional regarding any questions you may have on your health or any medical condition.

View Your Health at a Glance

Health Monitor displays the following key health metrics on the Overview page and the Coaching tab of the WHOOP app:

  • Live Heart Rate (HR)

  • Respiratory Rate (RR)

  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

  • Resting Heart Rate (RHR)

  • Blood Oxygen (exclusive to 4.0)


Obtain real-time updates on improvements and irregularities 

Health Monitor calibrates to your individual baseline and keeps you updated on your normal/average metrics. Additionally, Health Monitor sends you simple, color-coded displays to indicate when your vitals may be deviating from your typical baseline range by highlighting abnormalities.

With the exception of blood oxygen, WHOOP calculates all deviation thresholds by looking at the variance of an individual's personalized baseline data. 

Note: In the app, abnormal metrics (below/above normal) will be indicated in orange

Health Report

With the Health Monitor, you can also export your 30 or 180-day health data trends into a shareable PDF health report to send to your coach, trainer, Primary Care Physician (PCP), or general healthcare provider.

Note: Health Reports begin generating immediately after the member starts using WHOOP. 

  • Currently, the Health Report is only accessible in the mobile app. 

How to Access 

The Health Monitor screen is accessible via the Coaching tab in the WHOOP app.

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 1.01.40 PM.png

For New Members: 

The metrics within the Health Monitor will calibrate for 7 recoveries to get an accurate baseline. Once calibration is complete, you will see the complete screen view of the Health Monitor:

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 1.02.23 PM.png

The Health Monitor will not appear on the Overview page until you have achieved 14 recoveries.

 Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 1.01.29 PM.png

For Existing Members (with at least 30 days of data in-app): 

Existing members will not have a calibration period for any metric besides Skin Temperature, which will also accrue after 7 days. 

  • On the overview screen, you will see 4 readings instead of 5 for these days.
  • You will only see the current day (of) on your Health Monitor. Even if you jump to other days, the current day's readings will appear when you view the Monitor.

Displaying Abnormalities

The Coaching tab displays all Health Monitor metrics and icons indicating alert status:

  • Selecting anywhere on the cell will open the Health Monitor view. 
  • Selecting any of the metrics within the Health Monitor will open a modal explaining the metric:

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 7.46.24 PM.png Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 7.55.03 PM.png

  •  If there is an alert, potential reasons for the alert will be provided in the modal as well: (see below image) 
    Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 7.45.40 PM.png

Common questions

Why do I have the same Health Monitor metrics today as I did yesterday?

When you click on the Health Monitor, it will take you to today’s Health Monitor metrics. At this time, members are not able to access the previous day’s metrics via Health Monitor.

Why can't I read all metrics for the previous night?

To view the Health Monitor, you must have at least 14 recoveries logged. Additionally, sleep data is required to show any metrics on the Health Monitor for the current day.

At this time, you cannot view the previous data for the Health Monitor. If your sleep did not process properly, please let us know and we can connect you with our Analytics team to resolve that issue. 

I'm using WHOOP Body and noticed an elevated skin temperature reading. Why?

Wearing the sensor on a different part of the body with WHOOP Body may affect skin surface readings. Skin temperature is typically higher at smart garments body locations than at the wrist. Members may get an orange/red alert for skin temperature if the sensor location changes suddenly from wrist to smart garment. If the sensor is worn consistently on the new location, over time, a new baseline will be established. 

Why is my Health Monitor green but Recovery is red?

The alerting criteria for the Health Monitor are different from Recovery. Recovery uses weighted averages and only looks at the previous 28 days of data, giving more weight to the previous 7 days - the Health Monitor looks at the last 30 days to establish your typical range and the last 50 days to determine your personalized alerting thresholds. 

Why did my Health Monitor metrics change suddenly?

All metrics are taken during sleep and the previous 50  days of data are used to calculate baselines. A few days of illness with lower or higher than average data points can change baselines in the health monitor.

To view the Health Monitor, recent sleep data is required to show any metrics on the Health Monitor for the current day.

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