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WHOOP Pro, our new membership extension plan with special membership and accessories perks, is now available for WHOOP 4.0 with 12 and 24-month memberships. This article will answer frequently asked questions regarding WHOOP Pro. 

To learn more about WHOOP Pro's membership details, how it works, and how to sign up for it, check out our WHOOP Pro Overview article. 


What do I get with my WHOOP Pro Subscription? Is a WHOOP membership included with WHOOP Pro?

WHOOP Pro is an additional subscription on top of your existing WHOOP membership. You must be an active WHOOP member to join WHOOP Pro.

WHOOP Pro current benefits include:

  • 20% off accessories at the WHOOP Shop.
  • Free standard shipping on all orders.
  • A free (eligible) item every 3 months, including when you first sign up for WHOOP Pro.
  • Early access to new releases
  • Profile badge in the mobile app 

Can I give WHOOP Pro as a gift to someone?

Yes! When purchasing a gift membership for someone, you can also add WHOOP Pro to their gift, for an additional cost of $12 (per month) x the number of months gifted. 

What to know about gifting WHOOP Pro:

  • While anyone can be a Gifter (gift WHOOP Pro), currently, only new members (who've never used WHOOP before/don't have an existing membership) can be Giftees (receive WHOOP Pro as a gift). 
  • Gifters can add WHOOP Pro to gift memberships for an additional cost of $12 (per month) x the number of months gifted. Example: if you gift WHOOP Pro with a 6 month gift membership, the total WHOOP Pro add-on cost would be $72 ($12  x 6 (gifted months)). 
  • Perks: The WHOOP Pro 20% discount and free standard shipping will also apply to the gift membership.
  • Initial Free item: The Gifter will not choose the Giftee's first free item (upon initial signup); the Giftee themselves will get to choose when they activate their membership. The Giftee will be sent an email upon activation telling them they can choose their free item. NOTE: If the Giftee neither chooses a free item nor enters their shipping address upon activation, then we will automatically ship a free product at the end of the 3 month (quarterly period) to the address where the original gift was shipped. 
  • Renewal: The Giftee will auto renew into the WHOOP Pro annual plan (12 months). Their onboarding flow and activation email will inform them of this.

When can I start using my WHOOP Pro benefits?

WHOOP Pro’s benefits start as soon as you sign up for WHOOP Pro. New members can access WHOOP Pro benefits from their initial order onwards, including the 20% discount and free shipping. Your membership will retain your WHOOP Pro benefits as long as you have prepaid months of WHOOP Pro.

How much does it cost to join WHOOP Pro?

WHOOP Pro costs an additional $12 a month on top of your current membership.

How much will I be charged when my WHOOP Pro membership renews? How often am I charged for my WHOOP Pro membership?

You are charged upfront for WHOOP Pro with the cost of your (12, 24-month) membership. This means, once you pay for the cost of both, you won't be charged again until the end of your membership duration. 

  • Once your membership duration is completed, both your membership and WHOOP Pro will auto-renew annually (at 12 months).
  • UNLESS - you purchase another 18-month extension. In that case, you will be billed for both the extension and WHOOP Pro (an extra $216) at the same time. 
New Members Must purchase a 12 or 24 month membership along with WHOOP Pro. 
Existing Members 

Can pay for as many months of WHOOP Pro until their next billing date.

Example: If a member has 9 months left until their next bill, they can pay for 9 months of WHOOP Pro. 

Exception: If an existing member has less than 1 month until their next bill, they will be required to pay for an annual (12, 24 month) membership + WHOOP Pro upfront (same as new members).

Can I be on a monthly membership and be on WHOOP Pro at the same time?

Unfortunately, no. WHOOP Pro can only be purchased by those on a 12 or 24-month membership renewal cycle. 

If I have an 24-month Membership and I decide not to auto-renew, what happens to my WHOOP Pro membership? 

By purchasing an 24-month membership and WHOOP Pro add-on, you'll pay upfront for both the membership and WHOOP Pro at the same time. If you decide not to auto-renew at the end of your membership duration, your WHOOP Pro will not auto-renew either. A member retains WHOOP Pro for as long as they pay for it. 

Important NOTE: Both your 24-month membership and WHOOP Pro auto-renew at the end of the 24 months, but resets to a 12-month membership/WHOOP Pro cost, unless you buy another 24-month extension. 

Can I join WHOOP Pro with a WHOOP 3.0?

Unfortunately, no. WHOOP Pro is only available with the WHOOP 4.0.

NOTE: However, when you extend your existing WHOOP membership (6, 12, or 24-months), you automatically get an upgrade to WHOOP 4.0. If you choose either the 12 or 24-month extension, you'll be redirected to the Accessories view (on the WHOOP app), and given the option to add WHOOP Pro to your membership. Find out more here: WHOOP Pro (Overview) 

How can I cancel my WHOOP Pro membership?

You can cancel WHOOP Pro from your account (via the mobile application):

  • My Account > Billing 
  • Or, through the web application:

Your WHOOP Pro benefits are retainable for as long as you have prepaid for. 

Example: if you join WHOOP Pro and pay for 12 months upfront, but decide to cancel WHOOP Pro from your account 6 months in, you will still retain the WHOOP Pro benefits for the next 6 months. 

After 12 months, your membership will return to normal (sans WHOOP Pro). 

If I cancel my WHOOP Pro membership, will I receive a refund? 

Unfortunately, the WHOOP Pro membership is NOT refundable.

NOTE: New members' overall WHOOP memberships can be refunded (along with WHOOP Pro) in line with our current membership refund policy, as long as accessories are unopened. 


Which items does the 20% discount apply to?

The 20% discount applies to all full-priced items, excluding membership extension cards.

Other exceptions: The 20% discount cannot be combined with other discounts such as promotion codes, or used for products that are on sale. 

Can I use my free shipping benefit on expedited shipping? If not, is expedited shipping discounted?

Free standard shipping is included in your WHOOP Pro membership.

Exceptions: Expedited shipping is not discounted or free with WHOOP Pro. 

Free Item (Quarterly) 

What free items can I get as my quarterly free item? How often does the selection change? 

The WHOOP Pro collection refreshes/changes regularly. Please refer to the WHOOP Pro collection ( to view what is currently eligible. 

When do I get to select my free item(s)?  

WHOOP Pro members receive one free item upon initial sign-up, and additional free items every 3 months, as long as they remain a WHOOP Pro member. 

NOTE: For new members, the next free item arrives 3 months after initial WHOOP activation. 

  • When a free item credit is available for use, you will receive an email reminder to claim. 

How do I select my free item?

  • You can select your free item at
  • Sign in using your WHOOP username and password.
  • Visit the WHOOP Pro collection to view all eligible products.
  • Your discount will automatically be applied during checkout.

What happens if I do not choose a free item in a quarter?

If you don't claim an item by the end of a quarter, we will automatically ship a surprise eligible product to you.

What happens if I change my mind about my free item after I have selected it? Can I return my free item or exchange it for another product?

Unfortunately, all WHOOP Pro free items cannot be returned/exchanged for another product. 

  • Therefore, we recommend claiming/collecting your quarterly free item within each quarter period to ensure you get the item you want. 
  • We will also send you 3-4 reminder emails to claim your quarterly free item, including a preliminary email to "claim your quarterly free item", a follow-up email, and a final email stating that since we did not receive your item claim this quarter, we will automatically ship you a surprise free item in the mail. 

What if the free item I want is out of stock?

Our free items are refreshed regularly in our WHOOP Pro collection. If you don't see the item you want available, we recommend checking periodically before the quarter's end. In the meantime, we'll do our best to keep inventory updated and available for our members!

I wanted to add WHOOP Pro to my membership but missed my chance. Can I still join? 

You can purchase WHOOP Pro by going to the billing section in the WHOOP app and manually adding WHOOP Pro to your subscription. 

Why did I get charged for my free redeemable item? 

This can happen if you were not logged into your WHOOP account while placing your order. While our MSRs will gladly provide you a refund on this, you can avoid this error by first logging into your WHOOP account before placing your WHOOP Pro order. 

Are there any limitations to what items can be redeemed as free?

If an item isn't applicable to the free item perk, it will not be shown as an option (to apply). Therefore, members should not find this to be an issue.

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