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Joining a WHOOP Team

Joining a WHOOP Team is fun and easy! There are a few different ways to join a WHOOP team.

Via Pending Team Invitesmceclip0.png

Finding Pending Invites

If you’ve been invited to join a team, you will see a small red notification icon appear beneath the Community icon indicating you have a pending team invite.

After selecting the Community icon, you'll be presented with a list of pending team invites under the Pending Invites section.

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Viewing Pending Invite

After selecting a specific invite, you can read a description about the team, see what members are currently on the team, and see which metrics (Strain, Recovery, Sleep) would be shared by joining the team. After viewing info about the team, you can either join the team or decline the invite. 

Example: Shown below, members of "Team YMCA" will only be able to see Strain metrics. In the "Hoops I did it again" Team, members will be able to see all of the 3 metrics including Strain, Recovery, and Sleep. Your data is only visible once you have joined a Team. 

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Via An Invite Code

If you received a team invite code from a member currently on a WHOOP team, you can use that code to join their team.

Step 1 - Open the Community page by selecting the Community icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen (pop up below).

Teams icon.jpg

Step 2 - Select the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the screen, then select Enter Invite Code.


Create Team.jpg

Step 3 - Enter that team's eight-digit invite code in the designated box and select Submit Code.

Invitation Code.jpg

Finally, prior to accepting the invite, you will be directed to the team's screen where you have the ability to view the team's description, what metrics are shared, and who is on the team.

Via Recommended Public Teams

Additionally, the Community home screen will display recommended teams that you are able to join based on your logged activities.  Scroll through recommended teams as well as discover other public WHOOP teams.

Recommended Teams.jpg

Exploring Teams 

Explore Teams by tapping the three dots (at the top right hand corner of your Community screen). You'll see a pop up at the bottom of your screen; choose Explore Teams


From here, you'll be linked to our support page, where you can browse public WHOOP teams. On the public team support page, clicking on a team link will bring you to the team's home screen.

Join View.jpg By activity.jpg

When you're ready to join a team, select Join Team.

join team.jpg


Privacy settings allow you to control the ability for members to search your name and invite you to join their teams. If your Team Invitations is toggled OFF, you won't be able to receive a team invite. If you desire to join a team, you will have to join via team invite code as described in section: Via An Invite Code.

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