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How Do I Charge My WHOOP 4.0?

Charging your battery pack 4.0

Plug your battery pack 4.0 into a power source using your WHOOP-provided USB-C cord.

While charging, the LED will stay red. Once your battery pack is fully charged, the LED will turn green.

Charging your WHOOP 4.0 

  1. To charge, slide the battery pack onto the top of your WHOOP until it clicks.
  2. Watch for the light to indicate that it's charging.
  3. Double tap the top of your battery pack to see how charged your WHOOP 4.0 is:

    Green: 50-100%
    Yellow: 20-49%
    Red: < 20%

  4. You can also check the charge status and battery level of your WHOOP by opening the app and looking at the bottom of the overview screen:


If you're experiencing issues charging your battery pack or WHOOP, reach out to Membership Services by chatting with us in the WHOOP app or by submitting a request.

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