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WHOOP 4.0 Firmware Release Notes

At WHOOP, we strive to continuously improve our product.  We deliver these improvements as firmware updates at a regular cadence which, in addition to various minor bug fixes and improvements at each release, contain items in the section below.  The firmware updates are initiated from the WHOOP App on your mobile phone and sent over Bluetooth to your WHOOP.  There are two programs on the WHOOP that may receive firmware updates: the Bluetooth Firmware and the Firmware version. To update to the latest firmware please follow the instructions here.

Please note that we do a phased rollout of firmware updates which allows us to monitor the performance of new firmware release.  This allows us to make any necessary changes before all our members receive an update.  If you see new release notes, but do not see a prompt to update your firmware, please be patient.  It may take 1-2 weeks before all of our members receive the update.  

Firmware Version Release Notes

Firmware version Current 

  • Improvements to data confidence
  • Improvements to error reporting and logging
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Firmware version 

  • Improvements to accuracy in garment accessories
  • Improvements to wear detection
  • Improvements to the haptic alarm
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Firmware version

  • Further improvements to wear detection performance
  • Further improvements to SpO2 measurements
  • Minor bug fixes

Firmware version

  • Major update to Wear Detection algorithms. Please update to resolve any on/off-wrist detection issues.
  • Improvements to SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) measurements
  • Improvements to On-Wrist and Off-Wrist detection
  • Improvements to Any-Wear detection
  • Minor bug fixes

Firmware version 

  • Improved wear detection performance
  • Resolved rapid battery drain on some devices

Bluetooth Firmware - Current Version

  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Firmware version

  • Further improvements to Wear Detection performance
  • Resolved a case where a WHOOP with very low battery would not accept a charge from the Battery Pack
  • Firmware will reject attempts to set an empty WHOOP custom name
  • Resolved a case were the WHOOP would drain battery quicker than expected

Firmware version

  • Improvements to Wear Detection, the ability for WHOOP to determine if it is on or off the body
  • Improved firmware stability
  • Minor bug fixes
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