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Setting Up Your WHOOP 3.0

Welcome to WHOOP! We are thrilled to have you as part of our community and excited to help you optimize your performance. Let's run through the steps below to make sure your WHOOP 3.0 is set up correctly, worn properly, charged, and ready to collect data.

Downloading the WHOOP app

Download WHOOP on your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Logging in for the first time

Log in to the app using the email address and password created when checking out.


Upon purchasing your WHOOP, you should have created a login using an email address and password upon checking out. It is important to use that same email address and password when logging into the app. 

If you were given WHOOP as a gift:

  1. Open the WHOOP app
  2. Select Create an Account
  3. Follow the prompts on-screen to complete setting up your new account

create an account.png

Note: If you were given WHOOP as a gift, your gifted membership will apply after creating an account and pairing your 3.0. You will still be asked for payment information, however. All memberships roll into a month-to-month plan on the commitment end date. For this reason, we'll need an active payment method on file.

Pairing your 3.0

Open the clasp. When opening the clasp for the first few times, it may be a bit stiff. Don't be afraid to apply some force when opening! We recommend placing two fingers under the hook and using these two fingers to pry open the clasp. The tightness of the clasp is built to withstand the roughness of any activity.

Note: For more help with the clasp, check out the video below under Opening and closing the clasp.


  • The serial number can be found on the top of the sensor after opening the clasp.
  • In the app, select the WHOOP serial number that matches the one on the top of the sensor. 
  • Select “Connect” to confirm the pairing. 

Your WHOOP 3.0 will then pair with your device and you’re ready to put on your WHOOP!

Note: The WHOOP 3.0 uses Bluetooth Low Energy. In order to avoid delays in data processing, leave the WHOOP app open and running in the background of your phone. Check out our connection section for more tips and tricks about connectivity.


You can follow along with the instructions in the app as well as the extra tips given below.

Place your WHOOP 3.0 approximately one inch above your wrist bone (approximately 2.5 centimeters) and close the clasp.

Opening and closing the clasp

We've already covered how to open the clasp above. For an additional visual, please watch the video below:

If the clasp is not already open, please do so now. 

With the clasp open, slide your 3.0 onto your wrist and close the clasp to gauge fit.

For the most accurate readings, we suggest placing the WHOOP on your non-dominant wrist at least 1 inch away from your wrist bone in the direction of your elbow. The best way to judge this would be to place one to two fingers above your wrist bone (towards your elbow) and place the sensor above that spot. The sensor and clasp should sit on top of your wrist with the “WHOOP” logo facing you.

whoop fit.png

Finding your fit

Your 3.0 should sit snug and tight on the wrist when the clasp is closed. It should be challenging to fit a finger underneath the sensor.

To adjust the size, open the clasp, and remove the 3.0 from your wrist. Adjust the band as shown in the video below.

Note: The band should be threaded over and down through the inner slot, then back up through the outer slot. This allows the housing to sit closer to the surface of your skin and ensures that the sensors can make solid contact.


Checking battery level

Double-tap the top of the sensor

You can check the battery level of your 3.0 at any time by double-tapping the top of the sensor. Check out this article to learn more about the battery level indicator LEDs.


You can also view your 3.0's battery level in the Overview screen in the mobile app:


Charging your 3.0

The WHOOP 3.0 has a battery life of 4-5 days. Additionally, the 3.0 charges without ever having to be removed from your body!

To charge your 3.0, slide a fully charged battery pack onto the WHOOP 3.0 sensor. The ‘WHOOP’ logo on the battery pack should align to cover the ‘WHOOP’ logo on the 3.0. \


When properly aligned, LEDs on the battery pack will illuminate to indicate the current charge level of the 3.0. Your WHOOP 3.0 is now charging! A full charge will take about 60-90 minutes to charge completely. 

You can also check to see if your Battery Pack is charging the 3.0 within the app by checking to see if a thunderbolt appears next to the battery life in the Overview screen in the mobile app:


Charging the battery pack

The battery pack and USB charging cable can be found in your WHOOP packaging. To charge the battery pack, connect it to the USB charging cable and plug the cable into a USB outlet. A red light on the battery pack indicates that it's charging. The light will change from red to green when the battery pack is fully charged (about 60-90 minutes).

Keep in mind

Your WHOOP 3.0 is waterproof, but your 3.0 battery pack is not. Do not wear your battery pack into water or attempt to charge your WHOOP 3.0 while it is wet. 


To continue on to setting up your profile, select the “Let’s Go” button.

Setting up your profile

The next step will be setting up your profile. 

Once you have filled out your profile information, select Let’s Go.

Note: If you were gifted the 3.0, you may be asked for payment information. All memberships roll into a month-to-month plan on the commitment end date. For this reason, we'll need an active payment method on file.

The three pillars of performance

Next, you will see a short, interactive tutorial covering the 3 pillars of performance: Strain, Recovery, and Sleep. By selecting Got It, you will now be able to access your app.

In order to ensure that your data is syncing from the WHOOP 3.0 to your mobile device, check the status box at the bottom of the Overview screen in the app. If everything is connected properly, there should be two green checkmarks between the WHOOP, phone, and cloud icons. 


From here, you are ready to start learning about all of the features WHOOP has to offer. Check out this article about what to expect in your first 30 days as a member of WHOOP!

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