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Navigating the WHOOP Web App

This article provides a walkthrough on how to use WHOOP's Web app, what information you can see on each pillar of the web app, and the difference between WHOOP's web & mobile applications.

To learn more about our Mobile App specifically, visit: Navigating the WHOOP Mobile App.

Accessing the Web App 

You can access WHOOP's web app by logging into

Pillars (Web View) 

In the web app, your profile overview displays your day of's Strain, Recovery, and Sleep Performance (Hours of Sleep vs. Sleep Needed) at the top of the page. (see below) 

Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 5.30.10 PM.png

To view each pillar's details, click directly into the pillar tabs: Strain, Recovery, and Sleep Performance.


In the web app, you can view your day's Strain through detailed metrics including:

  • Activity (ex: running) statistics,
  • Duration.
  • Raw Heart Rate (% of Maximum).
  • Zones of Max Heart Rate (graph).
  • User input (if applicable).

 Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 5.11.54 PM.png


In the web app, you can view your day's Recovery through detailed metrics including:

  • Day statistics (Heart Rate Variability, Resting Heart Rate, Sleep Performance).
  • Day recovery comparison graph (current day vs. previous day).
  • User input (if applicable).

Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 8.48.31 PM.png 


In the web app, you can view your previous night's Sleep Performance (via Hours of Sleep) metrics including:

  • Sleep statistics (Time in Bed, Disturbances, Sleep Latency, Sleep Efficiency, Sleep Consistency, Respiratory Rate).
  • Clickable sleep stages graph (Awake, Light, REM, SWS Deep).
  • Break it down: cross comparison between most recent sleep performance and the previous night. 

 Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 8.39.05 PM.png

How is the WHOOP web app different from the mobile app?

  • The web app displays all the metrics found in the mobile app, just in greater detail. 
  • The web app overview page displays your current day statistics (Strain, Recovery, and Sleep) side by side in an easy to view snapshot across the top of the page. Your Sleep Performance (Hours of Sleep vs. Sleep Needed) is displayed in a comparison view. 

web overview:

Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 9.02.53 PM.png

In the mobile app, the overview page displays your current day's Recovery, Strain, HRV and calories together in a circular WHOOP graph. Your latest Hours of Sleep is displayed as an icon under the Start Activity tab, and you have to tap into the icon to see your full Sleep Performance breakdown. 

mobile overview:


The mobile app gives you a Performance Profile, where you can view your Last 30 days and All Time performance and activities logged. 

  • The ability to enter notes within each pillar (Strain, Recovery, and Sleep) is also unique to the web app.
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