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What does the ‘Process Now’ button do?

This article explains what the Process Now button in the overview screen of your WHOOP app does.


Tapping the Process Now button will allow WHOOP to begin processing your Sleep. 

When you open your WHOOP app after waking up, you will see a Sleep Detected - Process Now entry in the Overview pillar. (see below image) 


NOTE: WHOOP will determine if you are fully awake (and end your auto-detected Sleep) or if your Sleep has just been temporarily disturbed. 


What happens if my data sync is behind by more than 1 hour?  

You may see the Sleep Detected entry with a clock icon instead of the Process Now button. This indicates that the data sync between your Strap and your phone is behind by more than 1 hour. 

NOTE: To ensure your data catches up and your Sleep can be processed, keep your Strap connected and within range of your phone. Also make sure your mobile app stays open in the background of your phone. 

What if my data sync is behind by more than 8 hours? (as indicated by 'Last Sync') 

You won't be able to see the Sleep Detected entry on your Overview pillar. 

Other reasons where your Sleep may not be detected:

  • Dead battery. To ensure your Sleep gets detected, make sure your Strap stays charged. 
  • Atypical Heart Rate (HR), due to alcohol consumption or some other abnormal circumstance.

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