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WHOOP Year in Review FAQ

Year in Review is a highlight reel of your year on WHOOP – a shareable data experience that offers unique insights and trends from your data over the past 12 months.

Starting December 14, 2022, WHOOP 3.0 and 4.0 members with more than 60 Recovery days logged in 2022 will receive a customized Year in Review accessible in the WHOOP app.

Year in Review is rolling out slowly this week to all eligible members. If you have 60 or more recoveries between December 1st 2021 - November 30th, 2022, you are eligible for an individual Year in Review that will be available in the WHOOP app soon! While you wait, check out the Community Report at

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Community Report

The WHOOP Community Report uses anonymized, aggregate data from our global membership base to unlock the most notable trends and behaviors in 2022. Check out this year’s key takeaways and discoveries here.

Check out the FAQs below if you have questions about your Year in Review or the WHOOP Community Report.


  • How do I access my Year in Review?
    To see your personal Year in Review:

  1. Open up the WHOOP app on your phone
  2. Select the Coaching tab in the navigation bar
  3. Select Year in Review
  4. Enjoy and celebrate all your achievements from 2022!
  • Why don’t I have a Year in Review?
    Year in Review is only available to WHOOP members with at least 60 Recovery days as of November 2022. 

  • How do I share my Year in Review on Instagram?
    To share your personal Year in Review, select the share button on the final screen summarizing your year. 

  • I am having trouble accessing my Year in Review, what should I do?
    Please make sure you are using the latest WHOOP app version. If the issue persists, please contact Membership Services.

  • Are you sharing my data?
    As stated in our Privacy Principles, WHOOP members are in control of their personal data. We do not share members' personal data. Community data shared is aggregated and anonymized. Individual Year in Review experiences are only accessible via login from the WHOOP app. 

  • How long can I access my Year in Review for?
    You can access your Year in Review through Jan 15, 2023. 

  • I have specific questions about my data. Where can I learn more?
    Check out some of these support articles on topics related to WHOOP data: 

  • Why don’t I have all 365 days in review in my Year in Review?
    Year in Review pulls in your total recoveries from December 1, 2021 to November 30, 2022 and only those that are statistically significant given your overall personalized data behaviors.

  • How were my top activities calculated?
    Top activities are based on the top categorized activities you performed over the period of time in review. Only “Strain-based” activities will display - other activities related to Recovery, like Meditation, will not display. Unclassified activities (“Other” or “Activity”) were not counted towards your top activities.

  • How were the most positive journal behaviors decided?
    Positive journal behaviors (across all of WHOOP and on the individual report level) were determined by the same logic WHOOP uses for the Monthly Performance Assessments. We use a statistical algorithm to correlate journal behaviors with an increased Recovery score.

    • In the case that you did use the journal: the behaviors you tracked the most (top behaviors) and what helped/hurt you the most.
    • In the case that you do not use the journal: the most positive journal behaviors are based on the entire WHOOP community.
    • In the case that you use the journal enough for 1 or 2 behaviors to qualify: your top 1 or 2 behaviors will be listed and the 2 or 1 behaviors that are missing are supplemented with the most positive journal behaviors of the entire WHOOP community.
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