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WHOOP Unite Platform Overview

What is the purpose of the WHOOP Unite Platform?

The WHOOP Unite Platform is the workspace for Account Admins to onboard, manage and grow their WHOOP program with efficiency, security, and compliance.

How do I navigate the WHOOP Unite Platform?

There are three main navigational tabs:

  • People
    • Most of the administrative features and functions are housed here
    • Administrators can add and manage collaborators, add and manage groups, and configure shipping preferences
  • Plan
    • Administrators can view summary details of their account, manage privacy settings, configure role and privacy permissions for their collaborators. 
    • Administrative controls allow you to group by team, segment, or cohort for customized analysis and insights. Assign group managers with specific access and reporting privileges. Onboard and offboard users in just a few clicks.
  • Progress
    • Enables leadership to understand data and insights to monitor the wellness, readiness, and performance of the teams. This allows organizations to review the health and resilience of their teams with actionable insights on core measures of sleep, stress, and recovery, all tailored to your organization's unique needs and goals.

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